Everyone needs some form of entertainment to help liven up an event, from house parties to marquee celebrations. Of course, the kind of entertainment you’re after depends on the theme of the event, the age range and whether or not it’s a birthday, wedding, corporate gathering etc. Whatever the particular event may be, there are plenty of different entertainment solutions that can help to build a truly memorable atmosphere.

Live Bands/Performances/Sports

Live entertainment has always been a huge success at parties. From hiring out the local tribute bands to magicians, live entertainment keeps everyone occupied and generally promotes a memorable day. Corporate events and weddings often benefit immensely from live entertainment as they can range from talk shows, theatre, music and sporting events. You can televise sport at gatherings to bring the guests closer together and create a positively competitive atmosphere. In addition, you can call on your own band or theatre production to perform and impress the friends and family in attendance.


Entertainment for Children

Children love to play, especially if they’re at a large gathering or kid’s party. Introducing a few physical activities and games to the day helps to keep the children occupied and included, especially if some of the guests are too shy to talk or get involved in conversation. Live music and performances from magicians or clowns are widely renowned as being a great form of entertainment for kids. Anything with colour that promotes a bright and happy atmosphere is sure to work wonders.

Hire the General Public

When you consider all the street performers who only ever get to showcase their insane abilities on street corners and train stations, it comes as a bit of a surprise to think that so few of them are approached to perform at large party events. From football skills and juggling to impersonating statues and playing violins, street performers offer something different all the time. You are sure to find the ideal type of performance for you by searching the general public for talented individuals who are prepared to demonstrate their abilities.


If you’re looking for something with that distinct corporate edge that isn’t too dramatic but won’t leave guests unimpressed, consider the purpose of the gathering and maybe introduce a few games or entertainment schemes that promote the company and its industry. You could also provide speeches with a chatty and humorous tone or introduce a few fun gambling games to take place after dinner. If there are any associated charities involved, give them the chance to raise awareness through their own entertainment techniques.

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