An awesome new range of catering furniture that harnesses the suns energy!

Sol Table is  an outdoor table with solar panels that can supply a continuous source of energy for customers to connect and charge their Smart phones, tablets and laptop computer. It is the first of its kind!

It is blatantly clear that customers will prefer a place where they can drink their coffee or eat lunch while charging and using their tablets, smart phone or laptop computer.

solar table cafe furniture

SOL-NRG have launched and marketed this innovative, stylish outdoor furniture that is a true technological breakthrough.  This solar charging table was completely conceived, designed and developed by a team of  expert designers and engineers at SOL-NRG

Table SOL has been designed and adapted to the environment of professional establishments looking to introduce “green” customer friendly catering equipment and is intended for businesses running hotels, restaurants, cafés, pubs, camping.  The tables are also attractive to individuals in search of flexible utility and smart design to improve their outdoor comfort.

The easy fold away table can be installed on the terrace, in a place with no electrical connections, so customers can recharge the batteries and use their mobile devices freely without them having to pay a consumption energy while conveniently relaxing, taking a bite to eat or simply having a drink of coffee.

Businesses and customers are always looking to increase the use of solar energy.  This table charger is not bulky, so it’s size is not an obstacle and the tables can be arranged wherever you want: any outdoor space, garden, patio, terrace or balcony. This useful table has been designed to ensure that it is an efficient way to increase the use of the sun’s natural energy.

The SOL table uses solar power to charge mobile devices so people stay longer in your establishment, return more frequently and most likely to share with their friends about what a great establishment you are for providing this super helpful facility to customers.