When purchasing a house a lot of potential buyers will immediately form an opinion of the house based on the exterior of the property. While it can prove a deceiving factor (as there are a lot more options for interior design as opposed to decorating the exterior of the property) it is often a given point that if the exterior of the property is run down, why should the interior be any different?

Whether you have plans to sell your current home or you would like to give the exterior a beautiful make-over so that it accurately reflects the rest of your home, it is important that you take into account what is possible within reason and your set time frame and budget. You want to set yourself reasonable, attainable goals to spruce up your property exterior, otherwise you may leave yourself feeling a little disappointed.

Choose your theme!

Modern or traditional? Colourful or subtle? Depending on how you want visitors and guests to feel when looking at your home, you may want to choose an overlying theme for the exterior of the property. Choosing a theme will also help when choosing out matching fencing, the front door and even deco to accompany the new house.

You’ll want to consider both your current colour palette, and the colour palette of the properties close to you. You can deviate from the norm but be aware that if you plan on painting your house fire engine red, there may be a few neighbours willing to file a complaint to the local council about it. Set your home apart from the rest within reason and try to be aware of what may be considered acceptable in your local neighbourhood.

Interior Shutters to fit the exterior of your Home

Curtains, blinds and shutters are an essential part of both interior and exterior design. While curtains and blinds are less noticeable, it looks rather odd if you have lime green curtains or shutters adorning your traditional 20th century home exterior! Make sure that they match or try to go for a more muted colour when selecting your interior shutters. For stunning Window Shutter Designs, see West Sussex’s The Window Shutter Company website.

To Paint or not to Paint?

Sometimes painting the exterior of your home can give it a much needed face lift, whereas other times it ends up peeling off and looking rather odd within a few months of the make-over. Take into account the local weather and see whether or not adding a lick of paint would be useless over time.

Recently exposed brickwork has been fast gaining popularity, so why not give your property exterior a scrub down and expose some of that glorious classical brick? It will last longer and it won’t need touching up like many paint layers.

Re-touching your roof
Are you going for a contemporary style or a more classical style? While natural stone tiling can look endearing on a roof, it is important to be aware of the difference between ‘retro’ and ‘falling apart’. If you are renovating the entire exterior of the property, it would do you good to have a look at the roof and the state of any loose or shifted slates.

Some older roofs will give you a hard time finding the original material supplies, but there are contractors who will be able to salvage old slates or contractors who can find a similar and durable material for an affordable price. Ask around!

Plants and Foliage
Some houses really benefit from the ‘creeping ivy’ effect, where it seems as if the plant life has exploded and is creeping up the side of the house. While this may not be quite your idea of the perfect exterior, it is important to consider plant life as a design feature.

You can add potted plants to your front porch, or place a few hanging baskets outside your windows. Foliage really helps to brighten up a place, particularly if it is in a ‘green neighbourhood’ and there are plenty of plants that need little to no care that you can plant in your front garden to give off a beautiful ‘natural foliage’ look!

A lot of these tips are down to personal preference, but it is important to be aware of how the local neighbourhood looks and to try not to push the boat out too far. While you may be fairly pleased with your new ‘sunken treasure’ themed exterior, other neighbours may be less than impressed! There is no use spending hundreds of pounds creating your ideal home exterior only to have it requested to be taken down by local authorities. Make sure that everything has been approved!