Finding unique and entertaining features at events can be difficult, what with everybody wanting events to be bigger and better than ever every year. However if you manage to do your research, and look into some less conventional (but still perfectly PG) entertainment events, you’ll find a surprising amount of special services you can hire at parties and celebrations that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Yes, yes, everybody loves a magician and a face painter and a DJ, but what about a photo booth for hire? Or a miniature petting zoo? We’ll be taking a look at five event services you might not have known you could hire, and they’re all available at affordable rates if you know where to look!

Portable Showers

Great for music events, outdoor events or charity events where you’re hiring a gazebo, while portable toilets are common knowledge for hire, portable showers are less so. These are ideal for weekend music events or just camping out in the wilderness in a large group, if you want to make a party out of it.


Your Own Petting Zoo

A great idea for kids’ parties or charity events. Petting zoos are always popular with guests of all ages, as most people love small fluffy animals and some petting zoos are non for profit and are used to help rescue animals or animals who have been abandoned by their mothers in the wild. Make sure you do your research for this one, as some petting zoos are not entirely legal, so you don’t want a ‘zoo’ full of sad, scraggly animals!

Photo booths

Make your own photoshoot with a photo booth hire! With a choice of different themes to suit your party, you can also request a photo booth attendant to show you how to work the booth, a special set of props or even special frames and themes for the pictures themselves.

Hog Roast

Most people (apart from a select few) I know love a good Hog Roast. With the sizzling crackling, the delicious apple sauce and the salty stuffing, even one or two buns of hot pork is enough to make everything right with the world. While roasting your own hog can be an art to master, now you can easily hire this service for yourself!


Some hog roasts will provide the pig as well as the ‘roaster’ or if you fancy a challenge you could try and hire a ‘roast it yourself’ which comes with everything you need right down to the instructions. So whether you prefer to sit back and let someone else do the work, or you want to get stuck in and give it a go yourself, the choice is all there.

Guests &/or Extra Attendees!

You might be thinking…why? However for surprise parties, or practical jokes, hiring extra attendees is a great way to boost your numbers. Play a fantastic joke on your friend by hiring a bunch of actors for his ‘birthday’ on completely the wrong date, or do something nice for a stranger by arranging a party for them. People have previously hired themselves out for a joke or just to give others a chance at some company and it has worked surprisingly well. You have no idea how much good it can do a person, just having someone be there for a day.

Whether you’re planning a ‘welcome home’ party or a big birthday get together, sometimes it can be hard finding that perfect gift to give a friend or relative. However a memorable party can be worth a multitude of gifts, as it could open people up to new experiences and relationships, create everlasting memories and get people to try something they had never considered before. Get out there and enjoy the party, while it lasts!

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