Upon discovering your child has dyslexia, you might be worried about his or her future. Let us stop your worrying straight away; dyslexia does not affect a person’s mental capabilities in any way. It simply affects how they perceive and remember the written word. While it can be frustrating for children with dyslexia to learn their times tables, their alphabet, how to construct a proper sentence and so on, it shouldn’t affect them negatively later on in life.

In fact there are a number of people who have gone on to live spectacular lives in spite of dyslexia, some rather famous names that you might be surprised at. Dyslexia is not a condition that is talked about very often and for that reason you or your child might be worried that it is some sort of ‘taboo’ subject, when in reality it is completely the opposite. Although it may be hard for a dyslexic child to read, or to express their feelings properly through writing, it really has no major effects on their day to day lives, if they don’t let dyslexia worry them.

Still don’t believe us? Take a look at these four famous, inspirational people who also happen to be dyslexic – as provided by specialist dyslexic school Moon Hall College.

Albert Einstein

German born theoretical Physicist Albert Einstein is most famous for developing the general theory of relativity and his popular formula E = mc2, also known as the ‘world’s most famous equation’. He revolutionised the science world, receiving the Novel Prize in physics in 1921 and affecting how we approach physics indefinitely. He has compiled over 300 scientific papers and 150 non-scientific works, becoming such an influence that nowadays his surname is equated with the word ‘genius’.

He is a household name and is thanked every day for his contributions to modern science. However he is not known for being dyslexic, which is a true fact. He had difficulty remembering the months of the year, yet he made some of the largest contributions to science we have ever seen.

Whoopi Goldberg
An actress, a comedian and five time nominee for the American Comedy Awards with two wins, three People’s Choice Awards and a Grammy Award, making her one of the most influential African-American women in the world. She has also won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humour, the Women in Film Crystal Award and a Tony as well as being a well-recognised advocate for the gay an lesbian community. Having been in over 150 films her repertoire continues to expand.

Richard Branson

Most famous for being the founder of the Virgin Brand, Sir Richard Branson is the owner of over 360 companies and is well known for his positive attitudes to all his staff and good natured personality. With an estimated net worth of 4.9 billion dollars, Richard Branson is listed as the seventh richest citizen of the UK as of 2014 and his Virgin brand continues to grow and develop with every passing year.


Walt Disney

Born on December 5th 1901, Walt Disney is one of the world’s most famous storytellers and the found of the global Walt Disney Corporation, where his captivating tales and beautiful characters continue to win the hearts of children everywhere. He dedicated his life to making people happy and to bring the concept of ‘magic’ to life, on the big screen and in our hearts. As an American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator and much more, he is an inspiration to any aspiring young creator to always follow your dreams.

Yes all these people have dyslexia, but that is not all they are and that is not all they represent. If you go through life defining yourself by your shortcomings, you are just going to end up worrying at every corner. You need to sit back and think “Yes this is me, but it’s also not going to stop me”, because at the end of the day you yourself determine how far you can go. Your child should feel as if they have just as much chance as any other child to achieve and even surpass their dreams. You just need to have the right attitude about it.